February / March

Storytelling in the Community. February 3rd – March 9th.
Full Time Training, Erin Hall, Rondebosch, Cape Town. South Africa

Course Leaders: Sue Hollingsworth with Gilly Southwood

The classic, 5 week, full time training in the skills of telling traditional stories AND how to facilitate and use those stories in communities and groups. This is the first time Sue has run this course since 2016, so read on …..

There was a time when the telling of stories was as natural and necessary as walking and breathing..
There was a time when, if you or your community was sick, someone would ask,
“When did you last sing? When did you last dance? When did you last tell a story?”

We are forgetting this natural wisdom but it’s not too late to make it part of our lives again and help keep both our hearts and the hearts of our communities healthy. In these times of division, difference and sometimes mistrust, the telling of stories brings us, our families and our communities together again.

This popular 5 week, full time (Mon – Fri) course will give you the opportunity to learn or deepen your skills as a storyteller, as well as equip you to go out into your community, be it a school, hospital, neighbourhood, old people’s centre, church, business organisation or just your friends and family, and begin working with story. Suitable for both beginners and those already on their way, the course will cover the telling of a wide variety of traditional tales, the creating of spontaneous stories, an introduction to voice work and story facilitation skills. Working both playfully and deeply we will uncover the storyteller that lives naturally within you so that you can go away with a foundation of storytelling skills to use in your community.

Tuition Cost: R17,500 for participants from Southern Africa, R35,000 for international students

The course is limited to 14 participants and 5 places will be available for international participants.
If you are interested in attending this course, in the first instance, please contact Sue by email at

September / October

Personal Storytelling Intensive. September 15th – October 6th. Amari, Crete.

This 3 week, full time storytelling course focuses on the art of telling true life, autobiographical stories. By the end of the course you will have the skills necessary to shape and craft any story that you want to tell, whether it’s around the kitchen table to your family and friends or to a room packed full of people!

Many people these days have a story to tell: it might be an important moment in their lives, something funny or sad that involved members of their family that are not with them any more, or their personal involvement in a larger, historical happening. But there are many questions about how to do this well:

How can we share a true life story so that it is not just egotistical?
How can we tell a story as if it were a gift to our listeners?
How can we move people, touch them, help them see more clearly what it is to be human?
What makes a life story memorable so that it can be passed on?
How can we be completely present, revealing our whole selves, at ease with our true voice, words and presence?

The course will include practical story crafting, including key skills that are not required for the telling of traditional stories and coaching in small groups amongst other things. It will conclude with a public sharing of our stories. A maximum of 12 students will be accepted to ensure individual attention. Some storytelling experience is beneficial but beginners will also be considered.

Cost: €2195 with an Early Bird discount of €100 if booked before 28/2/19. There are 4 sponsored places for Greek Residents available for €795. The cost includes all tuition, materials, accommodation in simple, shared rooms and 3 meals a day Monday – Friday.

This Being Human: Telling True Life Tales. October 12th – 19th. Findhorn Foundation, Scotland

Telling stories from our own lives invites us to look at our past and consider what is worth passing on into the future. This one week course provides an introduction to the delights and discipline of telling true life tales. Working with stories from our own lives that we want to be able to share with our families, friends or perhaps even an invited audience, we will be learning about what qualities and skills are needed to tell these stories well. There will be time to explore such questions as: has anything worth speaking about ever happened to me? Who would want to listen to my story anyway? What makes it any different from a chat about our lives over a cup of coffee? Is it the same as telling a traditional story? Do you have to tell EVERYTHING? And ultimately, how can the shaping and crafting of personal stories illuminate what it means to be human?

Costs: Tiered pricing of £1110 / £840 / £690 (including accommodation and all meals)

To book or for further details, go to