Women in Leadership: Telling a New Story, November 29th & 30th, Bangalore, India

The ability to tell a compelling story is a key leadership competency but on the way up the leadership ladder there are very few people that will tell you this. As women, how do we move gracefully and purposefully for being paid for what we do to being paid for who we are? How can the ancient art of storytelling help us to share our leadership values and offer a sense of meaning and purpose to our staff and other stake holders? What are the particular issues that affect us as women leaders and what are the new leadership stories from women that need to be told at this time?

This is a high level workshop for senior women with one of the world’s leading facilitators of leadership development for women through storytelling.

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Begin Telling True Life Tales! December 6th – 10th, Bangalore, India

Telling stories from our own lives invites us to look at our past and consider what is worth passing on into the future.

This one week course provides an introduction to the delights and discipline of telling true life tales. Working with stories from our own lives that we want to be able to share with our families, friends or perhaps even an invited audience, we will be learning about what qualities and skills are needed to tell these stories well.

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Personal Storytelling Intensive, February 11th – March 4th, Cape Town, South Africa

This 3-week storytelling course focuses on learning the art of telling true life, autobiographical stories to a group of listeners.

By the end of the course you will have the skills necessary to shape and craft any story that you want to tell, whether it’s around the kitchen table to your family and friends or to a room packed full of people!

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The Golden Key: Storytelling as a Path of Personal Development, 4-week modular course beginning March 11th – 16th, Cape Town, South Africa

Long before writing was invented, human beings sat around the fire telling each other stories in the evening. The stories shared would have been what happened to them that day or perhaps to their ancestors in the past, but also legends, myths, stories of the animals and the other beings who share our planet. Through the medium of the stories, every person would have absorbed the culture and values of their peoples, known how to behave and why, understood their place in the community and what was expected of them.

These days our families and communities are widely dispersed. We no longer sit around the fire sharing stories and we are most likely to turn to good friends, coaches or therapists to understand our unique purpose in the world, to feel a sense of belonging and to make sense of the sometimes apparently senseless things that happen to us, our families, our country and the world.

But what if the stories still carry the deep wisdom of the past and we have just lost the ability to decode them? And what if they can provide the help we need as 21st century human beings to live a meaningful life?

Dates: March 11th – 16th, July 16th – 20th, October 15th – 19th and January 28th – Feb 1st 2019

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Storytelling in the Community, April 23rd – 28th, Istanbul, Turkey

Stories are one of the best ways of bringing people together. In today’s world where families and friends are often spread far afield, connections between people are often maintained by Facebook, Skype and Instagram. How can the ancient art of storytelling help rebuild our communities, whether that community is a far flung family, our friends, immediate neighbours, school, church or business?

Using a wide variety of stories and exercises, we will begin to explore how the storyteller can help us deal with loneliness, isolation and fragmentation and begin to create a new sense of community.

Suitable for experienced storytellers who want to move into facilitating processes through storytelling or beginners who already have facilitation skills.

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The Inner Wheel: Storytelling and the Greek Temperaments, June 9th- 16th, Amari, Crete

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Friends of Amari, this is a course for experienced storytellers who want to explore how an understanding of the Greek temperaments can take their storytelling to the next level!

Run by Friends of Amari. For further information, go to:

Centre for Narrative Leadership Summer Gathering, June 25th & 26th, Hawkwood College, UK

The annual gathering for all those involved in working with stories and storytelling in organisations.

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